Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Am Kaleb Claybourne

Today has started off as any other day has for me. I woke up and began to fret about how I was going to pay the rent which was due the very next day. For me paying the bills is a constant struggle. I decide to check out the ads in the newspaper for ways of making some quick cash. As I read I notice that there is a modeling gig that pays handsomely. Ideas run through my head of how easy it would be to have the means to pay the bills and have some left over for other things I need. I quickly dismiss the idea, because I know that I am no model and the thought of having a stranger take my picture is terrifying. As the morning progresses this notion remains in my head. Can I actually do this? The ad said that no nudity was required and that the pictures were tastefully taken in a safe atmosphere. “Well to hell with morals,” I mutter to myself. I quickly jump into the shower and begin to dress. “I need to do this before I lose my nerve,” I think.
Carefully I choose what I will wear. I decide on my favorite dress. It is an ankle length sundress with pretty little blue flower that zips in the back. I take great care with my makeup, because I want to look my best. I decide to pull my hair up into a simple bun that is secured at the nape of my neck.
When I am satisfied that I am looking my best I get into my older model car and proceed to drive towards the address listed on the ad. I am within 5 miles of my destination, when I decide I can’t do this. I turn the car around and head back home. I kept thinking to myself, “I need to do this or I will be homeless before the end of the week.” I turn the car back around and arrive at the correct building. I light up a cigarette to calm my nerves. I look at the building and realize that it looks like any other office building would. “What am I so afraid of? It’s not like I am walking into the devil’s den,” I think to myself. I snub my cigarette out on the asphalt and throw it in the trash as I walk into the door.
An elegant blonde lady is sitting at the reception desk. She inquires if I need anything. I explain that I am here in response to the ad in the newspaper. She asks me to wait while she checks to see if the photographer is available. While I am waiting for her to return I discover that my hands are shaking. “I can’t do this.” I think to myself. As I turned to flee, the beautiful blonde returns. She suggests that I follow her. Rather than look like a coward I square my shoulders, hold my head high, and follow her.
She leads me into a well lit room with all different kinds of photography equipment. I hear soft jazz music playing in the background. I notice that I am shaking a bit more at this stage.
A tall man walks up to me, and offers me his hand to shake. I realize up until this point in my life that I have never seen a man as handsome as this one. His hair is dark and shoulder length and he has the lightest of blue eyes. He is tall and very muscular. He is wearing a black pair of cargo shorts and a grey t-shirt. I am mesmerized. “I am Kaleb Claybourne and I will be your photographer today,” he informs me.
The perky blonde leaves the room and I begin to panic. “I can’t do this. This is not something I can do.” I explain. As I turn to run, he grabs my hand. “I will not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable,” he says to me. At the sound of his voice I feel a sense of calm wash over me. “I can do this,” I think to myself. He instructs me to go and sit on the couch.
He offers me a bottle of water which I graciously accept. He begins to do something with his photography equipment and grabs his camera. He begins to shoot pictures of me. I begin to giggle like a school girl. “You look amazing when you laugh,” Kaleb informs me.
He walks over to me and runs his thumb down my cheek. He sits the camera down beside the couch beside the couch and offers me his hand as he helps me to my feet. I think to myself, “Was that it? I was worried about nothing.” He turns me away from him and begins to unzip my dress. “Whoa,” I say, “What are you doing?” “It is a shame that you hide such beauty. You have an exquisite form underneath all these clothes” he replies. As the words exit his mouth I discover that my dress is in a puddle at my feet. I am trying to find words and I begin to stutter. “Shhh, little one, let me show you how to be free and let go,” he says quietly in my ear.
Once I am silent, he begins kissing on my neck and all thoughts of resistance leaves my mind. With his hands I feel the clasp of my bra release and fall to the floor at my feet with my dress. He grabs hold of both breast and plays with the nipples. An unexpected moan leaves my lips as he caresses me. Never before had I known such intense pleasure with a man playing with my nipples.
His hands are on the strings of my panties as he tugs hard on them. He continues to pull on them until the fabric gives way and he throws them to the floor. “I want to taste every inch of your body, but I need your permission to do so,” he says as his hand begins to caress my clitoris. I am filled with such passion that words can’t seem to form. “Tell me you want me to taste you,” he demands. As a response I moan. “Say it now or I will stop,” he explains. I stutter in saying, “Taste me.” “What’s the correct way of asking, my pet?” he inquires. “Will you taste me, please, sir,” I say. “Where do you want me to taste you?” he asks. “Every inch of my body is yours for the tasting, sir,” I explain.
He turns me around to face him. His hands grab my ass as he pulls me into him. I can feel the bulge in his shorts as our groins meet. I shudder with unexpected delight. His mouth crushes into mine and his tongue begins to thrust into my mouth.
He breaks the kiss and leads me to sit on the arm of the couch. He bends down and places my right breast in his mouth as he fondles the left breast. This continues for a few minutes and then he switches breasts. When I feel that I can’t tolerate the pleasure anymore, I discover that he has stopped and is smiling at me.
His hand is touching my pussy as he states, “You are very wet.” I smile, awkwardly, because I don’t know how to respond. He kneels between my legs and I uncontrollably begin to shudder as his lips touch my pussy. His tongue caresses me down there. I feel a desire to scream out in unadulterated pleasure. I clamp my hands over my mouth to hold it in. His mouth travels south and he begins to lick my asshole. Never had I known such forbidden pleasure.
He slowly stops and pulls me to my feet. “I want you to undress me, and do to me what I have just done to you,” he informs me. With nervous hands I lift up his shirt and pull it over his head. I notice now that his chest is covered in tattoos. Tattoos are a guilty pleasure of mine and I feel more aroused by the sight of him. My hands are now unbuttoning his shorts and unzipping his fly. I allow the shorts to fall to the floor at his feet.
I try to look down at his cock without him noticing. I notice that his shaft is thick and long. At the head of his penis is a ring, and along the bottom side of the shaft is a series of bars pierced through the skin. I realize that his manliness cannot fit into my tight vagina.
“Like what you see?” he asks. I feel myself blushing as I do not know how to respond. “Touch me,” he says as he guides my hand to his penis. He positions my hand around the thickness of him and shows my hand how to stroke back and forth. I do this slowly at first because I feel unsure if I am performing correctly. Once my confidence gains I begin to tighten my grip and increase the pace.
As the pace increases he demands abruptly. “I want you on your knees before me and I want you to stroke my cock with your mouth as you have been doing with your hands,” he demands of me. I have never tasted a man in such a way before. I feel at this point I cannot tell him no. I have come too far just to quit. At first I place just the head in my mouth and run my tongue in circles. He gasps from what I hope is pleasure and not pain. Gradually I take more and more of him into my mouth. I begin to gag and I feel like I am doing something wrong. “Continue, sweetness, you are doing great,” he encourages.
As a means of encouragement he grabs tightly onto my bun and forces me to take more and more of him in my mouth. I discover that he is quickening up the pace. Suddenly he stops. I begin to wonder if I did something that has displeased him. I glance up and give him a questioning look. He merely gives me a chuckle and says we are not even close to being done with this session.”
I feel such unbridled anticipation run through me. He catches my hand and leads me over to the arm of the couch. I feel his hands gently skimming down my back until he reaches my ass. He guides his hand to the front of me until he reaches my clitoris. He slowly rubs until I feel that I cannot tolerate the pleasure any further. “Please,” I beg of him not knowing what it is that I am asking of him. “What is it that you want of me?” he asks. “Complete me,” I mutter. Gently, yet forcibly he pushes me over the arm of the couch and I feel his dick enter my wet, throbbing pussy. I moan with pleasure. In the beginning he rocks back and forth inside me.
The pace quickens and he grabs my disheveled bum. I begin to scream out with pleasure, “Oh fuck! Oh damn! Holy fucking Jesus! Goddammit!” “Whose pussy is it?” he demands. “It is your pussy!” I scream. “what’s my name? Say it!” he forcibly inquires. “Kaleb. It is Kaleb’s pussy,” I say as my voice shakes. He begins to pound harder and faster as if the words encouraged him. I feel intense pleasure and begin to shake all over. A gush of fluid comes out of me as I hit the moment of ultimate pleasure. He begins to moan and shake at this point. He reaches down and grabs his cock and starts stroking as he ejaculates onto my back.
He smacks me on the ass and says, “That was fun.” I feel myself begin to blush all over. What the fuck had I just done? Never in my life have I fucked a complete stranger and enjoyed every minute of it. We both get dressed and I try to decide what I should do now.
I am startled when he says, “You will come here on this day every week and I will continue to give you pleasure. as you never have before.” Before I can respond he walks over to his desk, reaches into a drawer, and pulls out some cash. He hands me the cash. I must have a stupid look on my face, because he has to remind me it was for the photo shoot. “I cannot take money from you after we were so intimate,” I reply with indignation. “You are my whore now and you will come weekly. We will take more intimate pictures for my viewing pleasure,” he calmly states.
As I start to mutter, he ushers me out the door and closes it behind him. I am on the verge of yelling, when I notice the receptionist is standing there and she escorts me out. Once I am outside on the sidewalk, I think, “Do I dare come back next week?”

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