Friday, January 8, 2016

A Seduction to Remember

Tonight my husband and I have planned to go to the opera together, and this will be my first time attending. I feel he and I need this time together to basically save our marriage. He has been spending most of his time at the office lately. It took me months of pleading to convince my husband we should go. I look at my watch as the phone begins to ring. It is my husband informing me that he is running late and I should head there without him. He swears that he will meet me in the private box that he had reserved. I am very disappointed with the turn of events. I refuse to allow his tardiness to affect this evening.
I arrive at the theater approximately 30 minutes later. As I enter the lobby I am taken aback by the beauty and elegance of my surroundings. People are dressed elegantly in a vast array of colors. The staff is dressed in black and white and looks amazing. I am in awe of it all. I believe that I must look a little bewildered, because a teenaged usher approaches me and asks if he could be of assistance. I explain to him this is my first opera and I am uncertain of where I should go to find our place. He guides me to the box and I politely thank him for his assistance. He tells me it was his pleasure with a wicked gleam in his eyes. I suppress the sudden urge to giggle. This man thought I was sexy. I also realize that my husband has yet to arrive.
I sit down in one of the six blue chairs in the box. I am still amazed by the beauty of my surroundings. My cell phone begins to ring, which reminds me that I will need to turn it off. I look at the caller ID and realize that it is my husband. I release a frustrated sigh as I answer it. He tells me that he is unable to get away from work and that I should remain to enjoy the opera. I tell him I will as I hang up, because I refuse for him to know how upset he has made me. He didn’t even bother with apologizing for missing this big night. In my heart I know it is not his work that keeps him there. I know that he is with another woman, and I have suspected this for a while now. I feel a warm tear land on my cheek.
As I sit here wallowing in the misery of my failure of a marriage, I hear the door to the private box open. I turn in my seat and look to see who was here. In walked the most stunning man I have ever laid my eyes upon. He is tall with broad shoulders, jet black shoulder length hair, and a well trimmed goatee. For a moment all I could do is just gaze at him. He apologizes for apparently being in the wrong box. I find my voice and say to him, “It is alright. You are welcome to stay if you wish. The opera is starting in a few minutes.” “Are you all alone tonight,” he inquires with a deep southern voice. “My husband was supposed to be meeting me here, but he cancelled because he wasn’t able to leave work,” I inform him. “How could I resist a generous offer from such a beautiful woman,” he replies and my heart starts fluttering He takes the seat right next to me. I believe that my heart is beating even faster with him this close to me. “Will your date be upset that you are not with her?” I ask of him. “I came with a group of people and I will simply tell them that I received a generous offer from a sensual woman. They will completely understand,” he tells me as he barely touches my hand. I feel a blush coming over me. Apparently he noticed also, because this man had the audacity to wink at me. “I am Enoch,” he tells me. Without thinking of a cover name I reply, “My name is Willow.”
The curtain on the stage begins to lift as the lights begin to darken. I sneak a glance at my unexpected date. To my mortification I realize that he was already looking my way. I let out a slight giggle as he grins at me. For a few minutes I study him in the low light of this box. He has the most amazing blue eyes that seem to glow in this dark area. His lips are indefinable, but I seem to be mesmerized by them and can’t seem to look away. At this stage of the game I believe that I have taken complete leave of my senses. I am a married woman and this kind man agreed to stay with my so I wouldn’t be alone tonight. I should not be having lusty thoughts about Enoch. Holy crap I should not be thinking his name either. Before I realized what I was doing I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the mouth. “I am so sorry,” I blurt out once I realize what I am doing and hang my head in shame. “Apologies aren’t necessary,” he says with a husky voice. I lift my head and look in his eyes. He turns his body towards me and with his hand he caresses my cheek. His hand creeps around to the back of my neck and pulls me towards his face. For a brief moment in time we remain a mere inch apart. I can feel his breath upon my lips. I lick my lips for sheer nervousness. His hand pulls me closer and our lips touch. He kisses me lightly at first. Before I realize what is happening the kiss deepens and he thrusts his tongue in and out of my mouth. I have never been kissed with such raw passion before. I return his kiss touching his tongue with my tongue.
Suddenly my sanity returns and I realize what I am doing with a stranger. “Oh, my goodness, what are we doing? I am a married woman,” I frantically explain as I jump up to put distance between us. “Shhh,” he tells me, “You have done nothing to be ashamed of. The atmosphere creates an ambiance hard to deny.” I feel a tear streak down my cheek as I boldly look into his eyes. “I want to see all of you. I want to touch every spot on your body. I want to feel you touch every inch of my body. For the sexual feelings I have generated for you, I feel ashamed,” I say without my voice shaking. He appears to be as shocked as I am by my sudden confession and remains mute. “I am not a woman, who has ever been this bold before. Will you have me tonight? Can we have this moment? Can we pleasure each other?” I bombard him with questions. “I want you tonight,” he says as if his voice is stuck in his throat. We stand looking at each other for what feels like an eternity. Neither of us appears to know what to do next. “We should get a room,” I suddenly cry out. “Why should we do that? We have a private room right here,” he informs me as he removes his jacket and lets it fall to the floor.
Before I can let out my next breath, he is in front of me with both hands in my hair and his mouth is hungrily upon mine. My arms are around his waist trying to pull him closer to me. He guides me back to the chair and has me sitting on his lap. He continues to kiss me as his hands caress my ass thought the fabric of my dress. I reach up to his bow tie and remove it. My hands tremble with anticipation as I begin to unbutton his shirt. I begin to caress his bare chest. I hear him exhale sharply. “Do you truly want me?” I hear him ask of me. In a voice barely over a whisper I reply, “Yes.”
He gently pushes me away from him. He stands up and unzips his pants. He sits back down in the chair. I kneel before him. My hands reach for the spot where there is exposed flesh under where his zipper had been. With my hands I touch his skin and discover this handsome man isn’t wearing anything under his pants. Finally I discover what I am looking for. His manhood is long, thick, and hard. I touch the tip of him lightly with just the tips of my fingers. I want to memorize every inch of his body. I glide my fingers down the length of him, slowly caressing him. I reach the bottom of his shaft with my free hand I cup his balls. I hear him breathe in deeply. I know I have pleased him with my actions. With my caressing hand I wrap it around the girth of him and slowly stroke him up and down. Gradually I increase my pace. I lean over him and place the tip inside of my mouth. I remove the hand that was stroking him and keep the hand cupping his nuts where it is. I take in more and more of him each time I move my head down. I look up as I continue. His eyes meet mine. I can see such fierce passion in them. “My Lady, you must stop this torture,” he barks at me. I stop.
He informs me he wishes me to scoot back and lay down. I heed his request. He kneels between my legs and pushes my dress up to my hip. He uses both hands to rip off my panties. With his thumb he begins to rub my clitoris. I hear myself moan. His mouth descends upon where his thumb had been rubbing. Never have I known the pleasure of a man’s mouth on this area of my body. I feel my body stiffen as I arch my back. “Do not cum yet, my pet. There is more pleasure for you,” he says with such passion in his voice.
Enoch lies down beside me and encourages me to climb onto him with my vagina near his face and my head near his shaft. He then licks my swollen cliterous as I begin sucking on his aroused cock. With my hand I stroke with the rhythm in which I am sucking. I know I should feel ashamed, but I can’t be no matter how hard I try. This man is giving me pleasure that I have never known before and I plan to make this memory last a lifetime.
When I feel that I can’t take it anymore, he tells me to stand. As I stand I realize that my legs are a bit shaky, but not out of fear. I am excited for what will happen next. I am standing facing him with my head looking into his eyes with the hope of discovering what will happen next. I feel his hands touch my shoulders as the strap of the royal blue dress I am wearing falls to the floor. Before him I stand gloriously naked. He guides me to the edge of the balcony where I place my hands on the railing. I feel him place his swollen cock into my tight wet vagina. He thrusts in and out very slowly. With each stroke I feel I might die from erotic pleasure. I gaze across the way and discover an older man watching us. As this man watches I realize that he is rubbing on his crotch. He is enjoying the show in which we are putting on for him to see. Normally this would embarrass me, but not tonight. Tonight it makes me feel more brazen. Enoch turns me around to face him and sits me on the ledge and enters me. He thrusts as I grab the back of his pants. With each thrust I pull him in deeper and deeper. His hands are on my ass also. He’s pushing himself deeper and deeper with each thrust. Enoch lifts me off of the ledge and continues to thrust inside of me. I place my arms around his back under his shirt. I dig my freshly manicured nails into his back. I hear myself moan his name. Who is this woman in which I am tonight? I am wild with passion for a man I have just met.
As he sits in the chair with himself still inside of me he says, “Willow, your pussy feels so great around my dick.” I move up and down on his shaft as I play with his nipples. With each thrust I pinch harder and harder on his nipples. He becomes overcome with passion and flexes his hips to meet my thrusts. With his hands he lifts my ass faster and faster on his cock. I feel myself reaching the point I cannot hold my passion in any longer. As I feel a gush of fluid come out of my throbbing pussy, I feel him start to shake and he moans, “Oh Willow.”
For a few minutes we sit intertwined in each other. I am reflecting the events of tonight and how wonderful it has been. I know I should feel ashamed, but I am unable to muster the shame. He reaches down to pick up my dress from the floor with me remaining on his lap. He places it over my head. Gradually the lights come back on and I realize that the show has ended. I missed the entire thing. I feel myself giggling inside. “We should get up and look presentable,” he informs me. I notice him reach down and pick up my torn panties. He places them in his pocket.
Willow, I really enjoyed tonight and I hope that I can see you again,” Enoch says to me. “I really would like to see you again. Tonight was simply amazing and you are a wonderful lover,” I blurt out without thinking. He reaches into his wallet and pulls out a business card. He hands it to me and says “My number is on this card and you can call me day or night when you are ready to see me again.” He kisses me on the cheek and walks out of the door. I look down at the card in my hand. I gasp. This man works for the same company my husband does. Do I dare see him again or should this be a one time thing? I pick up my stuff when I realize that I dropped my phone on the floor. I look at the screen and realize that when I originally dropped it the camera had switched on. It would appear that I have videoed tonight’s entire event. I replay a bit of the video and I feel passion reigniting inside of me again. I realize now that I have to see Enoch again.
I arrive home about 30 minutes later. I discover that my husband has beaten me home. I know I should feel dread at the prospect of facing him, but I can’t. I feel like I am walking on air. “Darling, how was the opera?” he ask of me as I entered the room. “It was simply amazing,” I declare. “I’m heading to bed. I see myself going out a bit more in the future,” I say as I walk out of the room.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wicked Captivation ©

This morning I am meeting with my private investigator. I have suspected that my husband has been stepping out of our marriage. He has shown me proof of my husband's infidelity in the form of photographs. Apparently my husband has a taste for unsavory sexual things. There are pictures of him with multiple women, and also pictures of him with men. There are pictures of him naked being whipped with a riding crop. I put the pictures away as I shudder with utter disgust.
I walk outside for a much needed walk to clear my head. I put my sunglasses on when a young boy about 12 years old walks up to me. “Lady, I really need your help. “Please come with me, because I need help,” he says with tears in his eyes. I can’t deny this child help when he’s obviously in some kind of trouble. He leads me towards a group of men. Suddenly I am afraid. “What’s going on?” I ask of the boy. “These men said they would kill my momma if I didn’t bring you here,” he replies. I realize that I am in deep shit. I turn to run, when suddenly a cloth bag is placed suddenly over my head. I begin to panic. With my legs and arms I begin lashing out blindly, while screaming until my voice would crack. I feel something hit my head with such force that I begin to stagger. At this point I realize that fighting is useless I feel my hands and feet are being bound. I'm lifted off of the ground and placed somewhere lying down. I feel around trying to discover just exactly where I am. I know that I am in a vehicle, because I can feel it jerk forward. It doesn't take me long to determine that I'm in a goddamned fucking trunk. I begin to scream so loud that the sound is hurting my ears. With my hands I begin to pound on the trunk lid. I know I have to escape or I'll be dead by nightfall.
After what felt like an eternity, or it could have been 15 minutes, the car stopped and I heard the doors open and close. I know they are coming for me. I quickly remove the item covering my head. I search frantically in the dark for something to use as a weapon. My search proves futile and I am left with nothing but my wits to get out of this alive. The trunk opens and one man reaches for me and jerks me out of the trunk. I stand up realizing this man is about my height. With my head I rare back and allow it to connect with his head. The man shouts out in pain as another man walks over and puts me in a head lock. I feel like I can’t breathe like I am being smothered. I am walked a few feet when I stumble over a step. "Stupid bitch," I hear the man mutter. I am taken through a door and guided through what feels like a maze of halls.
I discover no one is holding me. I ponder my options at this point. I realize I have none. I must comply. My eyes dart around to see exactly where I am. This place is not familiar to me. It appears that I am in some sort of an abandoned warehouse. It seems like there are all the comforts of home here. There are several old looking beds and couches in the area and a long rectangle shaped couch. It would appear that these men live here.
Before me stands the tallest and most broad shouldered man I have even laid my eyes upon. His eyes are an icy blue and I see no compassion in them. His facial features appear sharp and he has a mustache and goatee. Every part of his body that is exposed has tattoos covering every inch of his skin. In another set of circumstances I would have unwillingly admitted that this man was very attractive.
"Mrs. Lily Taylor, I guess you are wondering why you were invited here today," he says with the most menacing deep voice I've ever heard. I feel myself shiver out of pure fear, yet I remain mute. How does this man know my name? "Your husband is a wealthy man, and you are a rare beauty. He will pay handsomely for your return," Mr. blue eyes inform me.
The man in charge reaches for what looks like a disposable cell phone. He punches a few buttons and puts the phone to his ear. “Can I speak with Zachariah Taylor?” I hear him say. The leader walks away for a few moments to conduct his call in private I think. He returns and throws the phone. The phone hits the wall and shatters in thousands of piece. The men stand in stunned silence as they wait for an explanation. “He doesn’t want her back. He says we can keep her, because he is tired of her,” he explains to the men with an angry voice.
At this point I realize all hope is lost, for my husband doesn't want me. He will be glad to be rid of me. The men begin to argue amongst themselves. I'm more frightened now than I was before. I hear one man mention selling me, while another mentions killing me after they've all had turns with me. My body is now shaking uncontrollably. "Abandon all hope," are the words echoing in my head. "ENOUGH!" the leader shouts. The sound is deafening and all the men pay heed to his words. “Well the ransom hasn’t went as planned, but we do have a prize, boys. She can become our sex slave until we all tire of her. Once we tire of her we can either kill her or sell her to whoever will take her used up pussy,” he explains.
"She will suck my dick first,” he declares. I begin to scream. I have never used my mouth to pleasure a man before. His fist lashes out and hits me on the corner of my eye. I begin to sob and screamed no more. "Take off your clothes," he orders. I shake my head no. He takes a step towards me and I know he will hurt me. I pull my skirt down my legs to the floor with shaking hands. I reach for the buttons on my sweater but my hands are shaking so much that I can't even grab hold of them. I look up at him with pleading eyes. He reaches down into his boot and pulls out a long wicked looking knife. I shudder as he steps closer to me and with the knife he cuts off the ropes that bind my hands and feet and then the buttons on the sweater one by one. He rips off the sweater and throws it on the dirty floor.
I am standing there wearing nothing but my bra and panties. I risk a glance at the other men standing around hoping to find compassion in the eyes of one. My search is in vain for I see only lust and no sympathy. I feel the blade touch my skin as he slices off both my bra and panties. With one hand still holding onto the knife, the other reaches out to pinch my nipple. I squeal out in pain. He just laughs a wicked laugh.
"I'm going to sit the knife down. Are you going to be a good little bitch for me?" he asks. Somehow I mutter the word "yes." He sits the knife down, and pulls me closer by pulling on my nipple. He bends over and bites me on the top of my tit. I bite my tongue to remain silent and feel a slight amount of blood enter my mouth from the pressure.
With the same hand he continues pinching the nipples. With the other hand he thrusts three fingers into my pussy. He thrusts them in and out with such force that I prayed he would kill me sooner rather than later. “Will you please just kill me rather than just humiliating me?” I inquire. He lets out a wicked laugh. “No I won’t, you stupid twit. I am going to use you for my pleasure and the men will take what they want from you and you will comply. Never question me again,” he says as he thrusts his fingers harder and deeper inside of me. I feel more tears rolling down my face as I realize this is my fate.
He removes his hands from my body and unzips his pants. I squeeze my eyes shut, because I can't do this anymore. He grabs my hands and places it around his dick. "This dick is going to be in every hole you possess. Look at it," he demands. I look down at his cock and notice his jeans are at his ankles. It is long, thick, and erect. The sight of it terrifies me. "Bitch, it is time for you to kiss him," he says as he pushes me to my knees. I start to cry and pull my hand off his rigid penis.
“Please don’t do this to me,” I beg of him. “You have no choice as I have told you before,” he says to me in a rather bored tone of voice. My body stiffens as a form of unexpected rebellion. He grabs a fit full of my auburn hair and pulls me towards him. “Open your mouth, bitch,” he demands as his fist snakes out and he hits me again on the other side of my face. I let out a slight squeal of pain, yet my mouth remains shut.
“Motivate her,” he barks to his men. The meanest one of the group approaches with a pistol in hand and I feel the cold metal press to the side of my head. I hear the gun click. I am without hope. I open my mouth and close my eyes. I feel him force his large cock in me mouth with no sense of gentleness. He grabs the back of my head and forces himself in and out of my mouth. On several occasions I feel myself gag as the head of his penis rams into the back of my throats. I feel the tears run down my cheek from the humiliation and some from the gagging. “Oh what a good little bitch,” he says to me as he removes himself from my mouth and ejaculates on my chest. I grab for my sweater that was discarded on the floor. I wipe off the results of his pleasure with shaking hands.
“Who wants to be next to having his dick sucked?” he asked his men. They all approach with desire in their eyes. “Clyde, you’re next,” he informs the man holding the gun to my head. Clyde sits the gun on the table where they usher me and Clyde pulls his pants down and plops down on the edge of the table. “Are you going to service me well, wench?” Clyde asks me. “I have no choice,” I return. The leader bends me over and motions me to begin sucking on Clyde. At this stage of the game I realize that if I want to survive I am going to have to do as they demand. I feel humiliation down to my very soul, but I comply.
With my right hand I grasp his cock, and with my mouth I begin to bob up and down on his shaft only taking in enough to not make myself gag. I feel hands on my ass and they are roughly grasping and kneading. I tilt my head not missing a stroke and realize that it is the leader of this horny bunch of men. I turn my attention back to Clyde.
I feel something slide into my asshole and realize that the leader has inserted his penis. The pain I feel is horrendous as he thrusts forcefully inside of me. I look up to Clyde who was leaning back on his elbows to give me better access to the length of his shaft. My eyes plead with him for his assistance in ending this nightmare. I see no sign that he will help me. His brown eyes are clouded with raw passion. As time progresses my ass becomes more accustomed to the leader’s assault. I feel Clyde stiffen and he begins to moan. Next thing I know I feel this warm, salty fluid slide into my mouth and down my throat. “She’s a swallower, boys,” Clyde explains in a loud voice filled with laughter. Hell he just got a blowjob and any man would be ecstatic at that moment in time.
I realize now that my ass is not being used by the leader. The loud sound of laughter echoes in my ears and I cover my face to hide my shame. The leader leans down, caresses my left cheek, and whispers into my right ear, “There is no shame in knowing that you have pleasured a man.” I remove my hands from my face. “Can I please go now?” I ask of him with hopefulness in my voice. “No, my pet, we are not even close to being done with you. I’ll make you a deal. Would you like that?” he says quietly where only I can hear his words. I nod. “Zeke will get his turn and then you can rest for a few hours,” he declares.
“Zeke, follow me. It is your turn,” he says as he grabs my hand and drags me towards the large bed. He pushes me down on the bed where my pussy is slightly hanging off the edge of the bed. Zeke has completely removed his pants and he is straddling over my head with his dick in his hand. He pushes his not so big dick towards my mouth as I open it to let him inside. He thrusts in and out of my mouth without a hint of gentleness. I guess you could say he was fucking my mouth. I feel hands on my pussy and they are exploring my clitoris with circular motions. I cannot see who it is because Zeke is blocking my view. I realize that there is a mouth on this area. Never before have had I felt this type of pleasure. “I don’t want to enjoy this type of pleasure especially now,” I scream inside of my head. The man between my legs increases the pace with his tongue. I begin to moan with Zeke’s cock in my mouth. Zeke suddenly removes his penis and begins to stroke himself. I feel such pressure start to build and find myself shaking from the pleasure. I feel a gush of fluid escape me at the same moment Zeke reaches his climax and his ejaculation lands all over my face.
The leader removes his shirt and throws it at me. “Clean yourself up, nasty bitch,” he slurs at me. All the men bust out laughing at this statement. I begin to cry again. I am humiliated and I hurt everywhere. I cover my face with his shirt. “Did you see that fucking whore cum all over the place?” one of the men exclaims rather loudly. I begin to sob loudly as I curl up into the fetal position. The men are all laughing hysterically. I realize at this stage that I am going to die here.