Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crystal Clear

It was brought to my attention that I lack the ability to be open in my sexuality. My lover wants us to be more open in our explorations. I never understood this appeal of his. Who would want the world to see others as they orgasm? My lover swears that it is erotic and has asked me to go with him to an erotic weekend retreat. I want nothing in this world but to please this man. So I have agreed to go and begin to explore the outer parameter of love making. Everyone we met here was open and friendly. They all know of my hesitations and are willing to listen to my fears. We were all given small one bedroom cabins made of clear glass. I feel very self conscious here. Every move I make someone is able to see. In this small cabin there is only a large bed, a large glass shower with many shower heads and a large garden tub with jets. We were instructed to only take in what we would use during lovemaking sessions. So the only thing I have brought with me is what I have on. My lover turns on some music that is light and sensual. He sits on the bed. He instructs me to remove my shoes. I comply. He then tells me that he wants me to take my shirt off, slowly. As I gaze into his eyes I begin to undo the buttons. I find my nerves a bit frayed. I reach for the glass of red wine that my lover offers me. I finish the buttons and casually remove my shirt. Merely to tease I toss it over to him. He tells me that I am still wearing entirely too many clothes and that my shorts must go. I do as was requested of me. I keep my eyes locked on his. He tells me that he wants my bra next. I unclasp it and walk over and place it on the floor in front of him ever so slowly and seductively. I begin to play with my nipples in an attempt to arouse him. I am aroused yet he appears unmoved. He demands that I remove my panties next. I remove them and begin to touch my girl parts. He continues to watch. He stands up. He puts both hands behind my head and pulls me in to kiss him. The kiss is rather aggressive and I feel him pushing my gently backwards. He breaks the kiss to spin me around. He presses my naked body into the glass as he kisses my neck. He tells me, “They are watching me and they will continue to do so as I pleasure you.” I gasp. I had forgotten that people could see us. He reaches around and begins to tease my girl parts. I whisper, “I want more.” “Ah my greedy wench, you want to put on a true show.” He spins me back around and push my backside to the glass. He kneels before me and begins to kiss the pubic region until he reaches that certain spot. He begins to lick and he begins to suck on that spot. His hands caress the back of my legs as he pleasures me. I look down at him with pleasure in my eyes and see the passion in his eyes. I feel the need within me build until I am unable to control it further. I hear him say, “Baby, let it go for we have all night.” That was all of the encouragement which was needed. I felt my body tighten and begin to shake. I feel the pressure growing until it reached its peak and I felt myself release. He stands and I look up into his eyes. There is passion there. He desires me and I now seek to please him. “What would you have me do?” I asked of him. “It is your turn to pleasure me,” he says. “What would you have me do, my love?” I inquire. “I want you to remove all of my clothing and pleasure me as you go,” he replies. I think for a moment on how to accomplish this. I have him sit on the side of the bed and begin to remove his shoes. I kiss his toes and make my way up the ankle. I head on up trailing kisses and licking as I go until I reach his knees. I stop here. I look into his eyes as I lift his shirt above his head. I then kiss his neck and work my way down his chest until I reach his nipples. I pause here and unfasten his pants. I pull out his throbbing member and begin to stroke him leisurely. I begin to suckle on his nipples and will bite every now and then. I love to hear the surprise in his breathing when I do. I work my way down to his stomach as I continue to stroke him. When I reach his belly button, I insert my tongue into it mimicking lovemaking. I kiss my way down to his pubic region as I continue to stroke. I kiss around his maleness until I reach his sack. I look him directly in the eyes as I begin to suckle on them. I hear him moan with pleasure. I take just the tip of his shaft into my mouth as I continue to stroke. I use my tongue to lick from the base of him to the tip of him and I keep my eyes on his eye the entire time I am doing this. I insert the entire length of him into my mouth slowly. I move my head up and down and side to side in a sedate manner. This continues for a few minutes. I can feel as his heartbeat quickens. He suddenly grabs my head and thrusts his hips up in a manner to encourage an increase in speed. I make the pace as fast as I possibly can until I feel him reach the near moment of his release. I pull off of him. I look him in the eyes and say, “How was that for pleasure?” He pushes me off of him and onto the floor where he forces me to my knees. He grabs my hair as he thrusts into my girl parts from behind. He bites my neck and begins to pound into me with fierceness. He whispers in my ear hoarsely, “Does this answer your question? You just wanted to get fucked tonight.” I moan, “Fuck me please and fuck me hard.” He pushes my down onto the floor and holds it there as he continues to drive hard into me. I moan his name. He stops and helps me to my feet. He presses me to the glass and inserts himself from behind. “Look. They see that I am pleasuring you. At this moment they wish they were you. How does that make you feel?” he says loudly. I look as he is driving in me. They are watching us. I see passion in their eyes. I whisper, “My turn.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grecian Glory

My love and I have decided to go to a masquerade party. He is dressed as Achilles and I am dressed as Athena. He looks very dashing in his toga and mask. I am thinking of all the naughty things I plan to do to him when we arrive home. He leads me over to a wall that has a futon open. He sits down and has me sit in front of him. We are doing a little people watching. My gaze reaches a man standing in the corner with his feet shoulder width apart. I see pleasure on his face. I allow my gaze to travel to the source of his pleasure. There is a woman on her knees in front of him. She has pushed his toga up and she is pleasuring him with her mouth. I find this rather erotic, because they are not containing their passions even though others can see. I look up at my love. He has seen the direction of my gaze and the passion in my eyes. I feel his hand grazing the side of my breast through my own toga. His hand reaches in and touches skin. With his fingers he begins to tease my nipple in a manner only he can implement just right. He leans in and gently touches his lips to mine. He continues to toy with my nipple as he deepens the kiss. With his other hand he unclips the top of my toga and the material falls to my waist. I gasp. I have never done something this open before. I try to cover myself up. He stops me. He tells me that he plans to offer me great pleasure and wants the world to see him giving it to me. He whispers huskily in my ear, “Do you trust me?” I nod. He continues, “Then allow us to find our pleasure here and in this place. Allow the world to see pleasure on your face. Be not ashamed of what comes natural.” At that moment he hastily takes my nipple in his mouth and begins to suckle. I moan loudly with pleasure. Suddenly he pulls me to my knees and is on his knees in front of me. His mouth continues to suck on my breast as his one hand cups my backside and the other lights scratches up and down my back. He pulls the toga that was pooled around my legs and tosses it aside. I now kneel in front of him completely exposed. I am not ashamed. I am consumed by my passion for him. While his mouth still explores my breast he inserts one finger inside of me and discovers my wetness. He begins to use that very finger to stimulate the core of my being. My back arches as my moans of pleasure increases in quantity and volume. He lays back and has me straddle his face with the parts that make me female. With his tongue he begins to slowly tease the sensitive spot on my girl parts. He takes his hands in mine as he increases the pace. I feel my body tensing up and I feel my muscles beginning to shake. I know what’s coming and I welcome it. It comes all powerful-like and I feel myself release. I slide down into his arms. I whisper in his ear, “I am your harlot tonight.” He grins at me as he kisses my lips. It is now my turn. Should I torture him slowly or should I be forthcoming with his pleasure? Maybe I can do both? My lips leave his as I trail kisses from his chin to cheek down to his neck onto his chest off to his hard stomach and finally resting with my head between his legs under his toga. What’s a girl to do in this position? I remember. I trailed kisses on both of his inner thighs. I begin to kiss right behind his sack and start working my way around them. With one of my hands I begin to slowly stroke his swollen member. Starting at the base of his member I begin to run my tongue up the length of him. I know I am teasing him to the breaking point, but I love watching him lose control. As I stroke him I take the tip of him and begin to lick and suck on just the head. After some time like this had passed he moves my hand from his hardness and grabs my head with both hands. He lifts his backside up as he pulls my head down. There was something so primal and urgent about this moment. I continue to move up and down his shaft while moving my head around it. I gradually quicken the pace. I feel his heartbeat speeding up as the tempo picks up. Suddenly he pushes me away as he tears his toga off. He pushes me down onto all fours. (I might have teased too long). He grabs a handful of hair as he forces in his rigid member into my wet spot. I love him this out of control. He continues to pound it in. I am screaming in pleasure. I feel him begin to climax and I am not ready for that. I merely say one word and all action ceases, “Stop.” I encourage him onto his back and sit on top of his member. I begin to ride slowly. He begins to smack my bottom to encourage a faster pace. I love the feel of the sting. I find pleasure in the slight pain. After some time the pace is to his liking he begins to caress my bottom with both hands. He looks me in the eye and says, “Come lay down on your back.” I lay down and he looks me in the eyes as he kisses me and enters me. For me this is making love at its best. His hands explore my breasts as I run mine up and down his back. He leans up and is upright as he enters me. He begins to rub my nub as he is slowly going in and out of me. I look him in the eyes and say, “I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard. I want to scream your name as I climax.” He quickens the pace and drives hard into me. My nails begin to dig into his arms and legs because the pleasure is too intense. I feel my muscles tighten and I feel my need for release coming. I look into his eyes and see that same need. I nod to let him see that now is the time. He surprises me when he growls as he releases and I then feel my orgasm come forth. He collapses on me. I hear a clapping in the background. I think it might be my imagination, but it wasn’t. Apparently others enjoyed our show and stopped to watch. Maybe next time I will push for a video also.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden of Eden

After a long hard day at work you come home and we have a quiet dinner. You kiss me on the cheek and tell me that you are going to relax in our garden tub. I give you a few minutes and I go in to check on you and see if you need anything. As I enter the bathroom I noticed that you have dozed on me. I now have a wicked thought. I am going to seduce you and have my way with you. I quietly undress. As I am leaning over your shoulder I ask if you need help washing. You tell me you wish for me to touch you everywhere. I am feeling very aroused at this moment. I ask if it would be alright if I got in with you. You said that you insisted that I join you. I climb in and straddle you. I take my hands and begin to caress your face. I work my way down to neck. I go onto your chest to your stomach onto your groin area. I grab your member with is already proud and rigid. I begin to stroke as I caress the under part of him. Gradually I increase the pace. Your breathing becomes faster. Then you surprise me. You push me off and kneel before me. You grab my head and pull me towards your member. I stick my tongue out and slowly draw lines on him up and down with my tongue. I begin to tease the head with my tongue. While stroking him I place just the head in my mouth. As I pick up the pace I remove my hand and just use my mouth until he fills my entire mouth. I steadily increase the pace. You begin to moan with pleasure as your breathing quickens. I can feel that I am pleasuring you. I can see it as I gaze up into your eyes. You push me back away from you and spin me around on the kneeling position. You grab a fistful of hair as you mount from behind. You are forceful as you are entering my wet spot. As you thrust into me you bite my neck. I squeal for the mixture of pleasure and pain. Your hands are pinching nipples as you continue to thrust and the pace increases. The amazing lover in you complies to my wishes. As the pace quickens I feel my climax coming. I dig my nails in your back as I begin to release. You stop. You pick me up out of the tub and place me on my back on the floor. You look into my eyes and lean down and kiss my lips. You place yourself back in me as you continue to kiss me. As you continue to drive into me your hands are caressing my breasts and your lips are kissing my neck. I whisper in your ear "I want it harder and I want it faster.“ I feel you begin to release. At the moment your climax begins you pull him out and he erupts over my breasts.

Now that was a fun night.