Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Need for You

One night after a long day at work you come home with me waiting for you wearing a thin black negligee.  The material is so this you can see through it. I inform you that I made you dinner. It is your favorite. Everything you could want with it is there waiting on the long dinner table. As you eat I ask you about your day while reaching inside my transparent panties slowly caressing. After dinner and the wee show I grab your hand and lead you into the living room. One by one I remove your shoes. I lift your shirt over your head. I unzip your pants and let them drop to the floor. You step out of them. I gently push you into the recliner. I begin to caress the male part of you with my hands. Slowly yet firmly I begin to stroke him. I ask you, “, do you like that?” I insert him into my mouth. Slowly I move up and down in a circular motion. Your hands are in my hair twisting it around your fist. You moan how good I make you feel. Gradually I pick up the pace. I am moving up and down on your shaft in rapid motion. Your body begins to tense up a bit. You grab my head and pull me into him at the moment of your climax. I swallow your seed as you grab my hand to assist me off of my knees. You lead me into the bedroom where you begin to nibble on my ears. You whisper softly of your love and devotion to me. You tell me that there is no one else in the world for you but me. Suddenly you rip open the front of the negligee. Hungrily you begin to ravage my breasts. I begin to moan, “Oh God, you feel wonderful.” For you the hunger increases as mine increases. Roughly you kiss down the length of my body until you reach the belly button. Here you linger with your mouth while your fingers reach inside of my panties. Your thumb begins to roughly rub my slight nub. I begin to moan your name ever so loudly, “oh, I need you so.” You force me down on the bed where you tie me to the head board. The louder I moan to faster you get with your thumb. After tying me up you run your tongue down the length of body til you reach the y. With your teeth you rip off my panties. In the beginning you gently stroke my girl parts with your tongue while sliding two fingers inside of me. Oh how I love you. Gradually you pick up the pace with both the tongue and fingers. My body begins to shake from need. Rhythmically I begin to chant your name. The need to erupt comes over me with suddenness. You continue on till the flood lets out. Upon the eruption need overcomes you. You enter me but you enter into unfamiliar territory. Seeing the error of your ways you set a gentle pace for fear of hurting me. I find myself enjoying it more than I would have anticipated. After a brief time you pull out and place in the correct spot. You begin the journey slowly. As you rock me slowly you gently kiss my lips nibbling gently on the bottom one. Gradually the pace is quickened. “Oh, I need you to complete me,” I whisper with need in your ear. Desperation for an eruption builds in both of us. It is consuming. As you feel me release you start to release. At the moment of mutual release we echo each others’ names. You collapse on top of me gently kissing my forehead.

My Seduction

Across the room you see me. You walk towards me with a purpose. That purpose is seduction. You know it, and I know it. We are both powerless to resist. You say my name softly as if caressing me with your words. You tell me that I am beautiful, and you desire me above all else. From this moment on I am yours. You look directly into my eyes. I see my reflection there. Do you see yours in mine? I also see a fire burning. Your hand lightly brushes my lips, so soft and so gentle. I want whatever you have to give me. With both hands you cup my face, and put your lips onto mine. You begin by lightly touching lip to lip. You slowly envade my mouth with your tongue. You stroke my tongue with yours. Your hand moves from my face to my lower back. You pull me closer. The kiss gets deeper and deeper. I feel aroused as I never have before. You take a step back. For a moment I feel lost without your touch. You inform me that we are stepping over a line that once we cross there is no turning back. As for my response I slowly remove my shirt. I see his gaze travel to my breasts as I remove my bra. I lick my finger and begin toying with a nipple. I can see your desire rising just by the look on your face. Slowly I begin to remove my pants. All that is left is my panties. I turn my back to you and bend over to remove them. I give you a perfect view of the back of me. You bridge the gap between us. You kiss me as a man on fire. Pushing me onto the wall you lift me never taking your lips from mine. Your fingers begin touching the most intimate part of me. Do you feel that? Do you feel the wetness you are creating? You break the kiss. You allow me to stand again. You begin to trail kisses down my neck, over my shoulder, and across to my collar bone. You take my nipple into your mouth, and create a small assult on me. Your hands have a firm kneeding grasp on my ass. You trail kisses from my breast to my belly button. You are on your knees between my legs. You tongue touchs and touchs that part of me that is shuddering for release. I am on fire. I beg to be taken.