Monday, July 16, 2012

Darkness Resides

There is something dark that resides inside of me. I desire to show you this side of me. All I ever see is contempt in your eyes. I know that I am not worthy of you, for there are many others who could be better for you than I. I dream of the chance to show you my desire for you. At this moment I am clothed in the physical sense, yet remain naked in your eyes. I have spoken of my desire for you, but the look in your eyes horrifies me. I see laughter there where I seek lust. My heart is shattering before you. I turn to flee, but as I do you grab my arm. I gaze up into your eyes where the laughter is gone. The laughter is replaced by something foreign to me. You grab a fistful of my hair as you pull me to you. You crush your mouth upon mine and plunge your tongue in forcefully. I am rendered incapacitated. Harshly you whisper in my ear, “Was this the desire you spoke of?” Stutteringly I respond, “Yes.” I look up into your eyes again. Replacing the laughter is rage and lust. I wonder to myself of which is more important to me. You grab my hair again and grind your lips upon mine. For me time has stood still and I am in the place I have longed for so long. You break the kiss and take a half of a step back. “This is what you reduce me to,” you claim as you reach forth and rip the dress from my body. I say nothing in response. You tell me to further remove my undergarments, and I can tell by the look in your eyes that you seek compliance only. I do as I was bidden. I am naked before your eyes. In your eyes I see lust pure and simple. It is as if there is a fire longing to be quenched. You place your hands upon my shoulders and force me into a kneeling position. "You know what to do," you inform me. My hands are slightly shaking as I begin to unfasten your pants. I pull out the throbbing part of you that makes you man. With me hands I begin to stroke him. I look up and ask you, "Is this what you want?" "You know that which I desire," you inform me. "I do," I respond. I continue to slowly stroke you as I lightly run my tongue up and down your shaft. "Put me in your mouth now," you demand. Feeling that I would disappoint you if I didn't. In the beginning I place just the head inside and draw circles with my tongue. You place your hands on the back of my head to bring more of you into my mouth. You quicken the pace as you tug on my head and rock your pelvis into me. You begin to shake intensely and I feel a warm liquid enter my mouth. I now know that I have pleased you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


One afternoon I attended a house party with the new company I began working for. The job promotion could be possible if I make this appearance. I was ready to go not long after arriving. These people gave the impression of being uptight and stuffy. It is crowded and hot inside. I decided to walk outside for some air and escape for a few minutes. The landscape was amazing and it was obvious that spring was in the air with all of the flowers in bloom. I look across the lawn a ways. There was a man standing alone. This man had the look of a god. He was the image of sheer perfection. His gaze reached mine and he smiled a slight smile. Another guest approached me for small talk and when I looked back in his direction he was retreating to the maze made of shrubs. He glanced back at me and gave me a look that begged me to follow him. I politely excused myself and slowly began to follow. After a sheer moment I lost sight of him and found myself a little turned around in the maze. I almost could feel the thrill of the chase. This proved to be exciting. I found the center of the maze. It was like an oasis. Flowers are in bloom everywhere. As I glanced around I discovered that my mystery man is standing right in the center of this paradise. I began to feel a bit shy and unsure about myself. He walked up to me and without saying a word began caressing my cheek with his thumb. I tried to speak but he placed his finger to my lips as a gesture to silence me. He leaned in and barely brushed his lips on mine. I stood there frozen for the moment. This man is a stranger and I was finding this immensely erotic. He began to nibble on my bottom lip. He placed both of his hands on my face as he gently pulled me in for a kiss. Slowly he started pushing his tongue in my mouth. Wow this man could kiss. I found myself melting into him and leaning closer to him as I placed my hand on his chest. He grabbed my head and pulled me in for a deeper kiss. I felt myself melting. He initiated kisses on my neck as his hands caressed my back. Suddenly my dress was lifted from behind and he began to caress my backside. I can feel the passion awakening within me. I felt my dress being lifted over my head. I was starting to feel a bit exposed and was attempting to cover up some of the nakedness. He merely shook his head, moved my hands, and removed my bra at the same time. He put my nipple in his mouth and began to draw circles with his tongue. I can feel my arousal increasing with each circle he draws. As I am overcome with passion from the nipple play he began to stroke inside of my panties. I heard a ripping noise and realized that this man had ripped off my thongs. I stood before this stranger completely exposed. He kneeled before me and caressed me with his tongue on my girl parts. I found it difficult to stand as he is nibbling. He pushed me down to the grass. He removed all of his clothes. I noticed how aroused this man was and was aware that I am the reasoning for it. He kneeled between my thighs and entered me with the hard part of himself. I rocked my hips up to meet his thrusting. At that moment it begins to lightly rain. He gradually increased the pace. I could feel the pressure building inside of me. I felt my nails clawing at his back. He turned me over and mounted me from behind. He tugged on my hair some and then grabbed my arms and held onto them as he continued to thrust in me. The pace continued to build as the pressure within me also did. I felt my release come as he spilled his seed onto my lower back. This was the most erotic and totally insane thing I had ever done. I had no regrets until the following Monday in a board meeting I discovered this man again. He is the head of my company. Oops!