Monday, July 16, 2012

Darkness Resides

There is something dark that resides inside of me. I desire to show you this side of me. All I ever see is contempt in your eyes. I know that I am not worthy of you, for there are many others who could be better for you than I. I dream of the chance to show you my desire for you. At this moment I am clothed in the physical sense, yet remain naked in your eyes. I have spoken of my desire for you, but the look in your eyes horrifies me. I see laughter there where I seek lust. My heart is shattering before you. I turn to flee, but as I do you grab my arm. I gaze up into your eyes where the laughter is gone. The laughter is replaced by something foreign to me. You grab a fistful of my hair as you pull me to you. You crush your mouth upon mine and plunge your tongue in forcefully. I am rendered incapacitated. Harshly you whisper in my ear, “Was this the desire you spoke of?” Stutteringly I respond, “Yes.” I look up into your eyes again. Replacing the laughter is rage and lust. I wonder to myself of which is more important to me. You grab my hair again and grind your lips upon mine. For me time has stood still and I am in the place I have longed for so long. You break the kiss and take a half of a step back. “This is what you reduce me to,” you claim as you reach forth and rip the dress from my body. I say nothing in response. You tell me to further remove my undergarments, and I can tell by the look in your eyes that you seek compliance only. I do as I was bidden. I am naked before your eyes. In your eyes I see lust pure and simple. It is as if there is a fire longing to be quenched. You place your hands upon my shoulders and force me into a kneeling position. "You know what to do," you inform me. My hands are slightly shaking as I begin to unfasten your pants. I pull out the throbbing part of you that makes you man. With me hands I begin to stroke him. I look up and ask you, "Is this what you want?" "You know that which I desire," you inform me. "I do," I respond. I continue to slowly stroke you as I lightly run my tongue up and down your shaft. "Put me in your mouth now," you demand. Feeling that I would disappoint you if I didn't. In the beginning I place just the head inside and draw circles with my tongue. You place your hands on the back of my head to bring more of you into my mouth. You quicken the pace as you tug on my head and rock your pelvis into me. You begin to shake intensely and I feel a warm liquid enter my mouth. I now know that I have pleased you.

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