Monday, November 20, 2017


I am pleased to announce that I have decided to continue the seduction series. I have decided to center this series with the holidays that are just around the corner. I am open to suggestions on where Willow and Enoch go next.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Seduction in Secret

It has been a month since I spent the evening at the theater with Enoch. Every time I think about that night I feel myself get flushed with desire. I long to feel his touch again. This very morning my husband informed me that he would be out of the office all day. Do I dare take this chance to call Enoch? He touched me in a way that my husband never does.

With trembling hands I take out the business card and dial the number. A lady answers the phone and I panic and hang up immediately. How would I explain to her the purpose of my calling? Maybe I should just go down there and take a chance of seeing him. I dress with care, because I want to see desire in his eyes again.

I walk into the office and run into one of my husband’s colleagues. “What are you doing here, Willow?” he inquires of me. “Nathan asked me to drop off some paperwork,” I lie. “He is not in the office today,” he informs me. “Why would he ask me to drop off paperwork if he’s not here?” I deviously ask of him. “He’s your husband,” he jokes with a laugh.

“Mrs. McKabe, what do I owe for this unexpected pleasure?” I hear a familiar southern drawl ask of me. “Enoch!” I exclaim breathlessly. “Come with me,” he whispers for only me to hear. I follow him through a maze of halls to an office. I am lead to an office with his name on the door. I am amazed because his title basically states that he is my husband’s boss. For reasons I’m not certain of, this fact fills me with an unexpected joy.

“What brings you into the office today, Willow?” he questions as we stand across the room from each other. “Do you want the truth or would you prefer the lie I’ve told to get in here today?” I ask of him. “Always the truth, darling,” he informs. “I lied saying that my husband needed paperwork dropped off. I knew he was out of the office, but I was hoping to see you,” I tell him. “Dearling, I have been wanting to see you since the other night, but I didn’t know how to reach you other than through your husband,” he declares. I find myself running across the office into his arms. “Kiss me,” I whisper. I feel his lips gently descend upon mine. For this moment I feel like I am in heaven.

Suddenly there’s a noise outside of the door and the door opens abruptly. We jump away from each other in a slight panic. It was his receptionist. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she says. “It’s all right. Can you please see to it that I am not disturbed the rest of the afternoon?” he questions. “Absolutely,” she says as she rushes out the door. He locks the door behind her. “We will not be disturbed again, and don’t fear that Greta will tell your husband for she is discreet,” he informs me.

With my hands in his he walks backwards until he’s backed up to his desk. His right arm reaches out and grabs the back of my head and pulls me into a deep kiss. All thoughts I have, has disappeared and all I can think about is this man and this moment. I feel a desire for this man that I have never known before and may never know again. I break from the kiss and whisper, “Make love to me.” “My pleasure,” he says as he slowly undresses me.

“I love to see you, all of you,” he says as his hands graze my breasts with tenderness. He removes his shirt as I reach to unfasten his pants. I’m amazed to discover he’s not wearing any underwear under his pants.  I am more aroused now than I was before. I kneel before him gently stroking his manhood with my hands. With my tongue I lightly lick just the tip. With the tongue I further go up and down the shaft lightly. I travel down towards his balls and with my mouth I gently suck. I hear him moan with pleasure. I placed his dick into my mouth and slowly move up and down allowing my tongue to graze down the shaft. “You're killing me, woman” he says to me. I let out a sultry giggle.

 He helps me to my feet and abruptly pushes everything off the desk. He sits me on the edge of the desk and spreads my legs open. With his thumb he begins to rub my clit slowly. I hear myself moan uncontrollably. He kneels down before me. With his tongue he begins to lick that nub. He puts two fingers inside of me and begins to move in and out. I feel myself climax as I moan the name “Enoch.”

“I'm not done with you, my pet,” he tells me. He stands up and his large cock and place is just the tip inside as he strokes himself. He begins to thrust slow at first and gradually quicken up the paste until I feel I cannot keep up. I feel myself climax yet again. Darling, he says, I am not done yet. You may have climax twice but I have yet.

He stands me up and bends me over the desk. He enters me from behind. With one hand on my breast the other rubs my clit as he pounds from behind. He bites my neck as he continues to pound. I feel him stiffen as he begins to shake he calls the name, Willow. He shudders as I feel his come flowing through me and I know he has found his release.

He dresses himself and helps me get dressed. He leads me over to the couch and places me on his lap. His arms are around and he gently kiss my neck. I nonchalantly caress his chest through his shirt. “I hope that I can see you again. As for being your husband’s boss whether you see me again or not will not affect his employment here,” he declares. “I don’t care about my husband’s job and I would love to see you again,” I express to him.
I leave the office a bit later. I am on cloud nine all the way home. As I enter the garage, I realize that my husband is home. I walk into our living room and he’s on the couch with a brandy in his hand. “You’re home early,” I say to him. “The boss said that I could have an early day to come and spend time with my beautiful wife,” he lies. “That was really nice of him. Maybe one day I can meet him, and thank him for his kindness,” I counter. “That won’t be necessary,” he says with a chuckle. “Where have you been all afternoon,” he inquires. “Oh, I was just out shopping,” I lie. “I didn’t see you bring in any bags,” he points out to me. “I couldn’t find what I was looking for,” I tell him. “I’m going to head upstairs to shower and turn in for the night. All that shopping wore me out,” I say suppressing a giggle.
Once I am upstairs in the shower, I relive the magical afternoon in Enoch’s arms. I can’t wait to see him again. Maybe next time it won’t take me so long to get in touch with him.