Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden of Eden

After a long hard day at work you come home and we have a quiet dinner. You kiss me on the cheek and tell me that you are going to relax in our garden tub. I give you a few minutes and I go in to check on you and see if you need anything. As I enter the bathroom I noticed that you have dozed on me. I now have a wicked thought. I am going to seduce you and have my way with you. I quietly undress. As I am leaning over your shoulder I ask if you need help washing. You tell me you wish for me to touch you everywhere. I am feeling very aroused at this moment. I ask if it would be alright if I got in with you. You said that you insisted that I join you. I climb in and straddle you. I take my hands and begin to caress your face. I work my way down to neck. I go onto your chest to your stomach onto your groin area. I grab your member with is already proud and rigid. I begin to stroke as I caress the under part of him. Gradually I increase the pace. Your breathing becomes faster. Then you surprise me. You push me off and kneel before me. You grab my head and pull me towards your member. I stick my tongue out and slowly draw lines on him up and down with my tongue. I begin to tease the head with my tongue. While stroking him I place just the head in my mouth. As I pick up the pace I remove my hand and just use my mouth until he fills my entire mouth. I steadily increase the pace. You begin to moan with pleasure as your breathing quickens. I can feel that I am pleasuring you. I can see it as I gaze up into your eyes. You push me back away from you and spin me around on the kneeling position. You grab a fistful of hair as you mount from behind. You are forceful as you are entering my wet spot. As you thrust into me you bite my neck. I squeal for the mixture of pleasure and pain. Your hands are pinching nipples as you continue to thrust and the pace increases. The amazing lover in you complies to my wishes. As the pace quickens I feel my climax coming. I dig my nails in your back as I begin to release. You stop. You pick me up out of the tub and place me on my back on the floor. You look into my eyes and lean down and kiss my lips. You place yourself back in me as you continue to kiss me. As you continue to drive into me your hands are caressing my breasts and your lips are kissing my neck. I whisper in your ear "I want it harder and I want it faster.“ I feel you begin to release. At the moment your climax begins you pull him out and he erupts over my breasts.

Now that was a fun night.

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