Thursday, August 27, 2015

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“Damn that man!” I scream. My husband was supposed to fix the slow leak in the sink. Now it is gushing out everywhere. At this point I don’t give a damn if he bitches about the price it is going to cost to get a professional in here to fix it. I look in the phone book and come away with the number for Johnson Brother’s Plumbing. The dispatcher informs me that she has a man in the area and he will be by in 5 minutes to help me with my needs.

I scramble around the kitchen for a few minutes in attempt to tidy up a bit. I am startled a bit when I hear the doorbell ring. I glance down and realize that I am still in my night clothes. I am wearing a sheer black night gown that barely covers my ass. “Shit!” I think. In my haste to clean up I forgot to get dressed. Well he should be a professional and shouldn’t notice my lack of clothes.

I answer the door and before me stands the most handsome man I have ever seen. He has dirty blonde hair that reaches almost to his shoulders and has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He is wearing a black Slipknot t-shirt and jeans with holes at both knees. Around his waist he has a tool belt. I can tell by the tightness of his shirt that he has such glorious muscles underneath Holy fuck I am mesmerized.

“Hi. I am Sebastian. I hear that you need some assistance with a leak,” he says introducing himself. I squeak when I respond in saying, “Yes. Let me show you the leak.” I lead him into the kitchen. I feel his eyes upon me and I glance at him realizing that he is looking at me from head to toe. Finally his gaze meets my eyes. “I should get to work,” he says to me barely above a whisper. In my head I am giggling a bit wondering why my husband never looks at me so.

He opens the cabinet door and lies down under the sink. After a few minutes watching him in awe of his sexiness, he startles me when he asks, “Can you hold onto this pipe for me?” I have to straddle him to grab the pipe. I am aware that I am completely naked underneath this nightgown. What if he feels the desire to touch me? Should or would I allow him to touch me in a way that only my husband should? I know that my husband has a mistress on the side and only touches me when she’s not available. My husband would never have to know. I realize now that I am touching my breast as he waits to see what I will do. After a moment’s hesitation I straddle over him and grabbed the pipe as he requested. It is odd that at this very moment I have never felt as sexy as I do now. I feel empowered.

After we have been in this position for a few moments, he starts to scoot out from under me. I look down and ask, “What are you doing?” “I have to get something out of the van. Just hold tight and I’ll be right back,” he replies. I hear him hesitate at the door and mumble to himself, “Keep your dick in your pants, man. Fuck she’s a married woman.” I discover his mumblings amusing, because he is as sexually drawn to me as I am to him. Should I take this opportunity to go put some real clothes on? No. I have decided if this plumber wants to fuck me six ways from Sunday I am going to allow him to. I need to have some pleasure in my life.

After a few minutes I hear him come back. He lies back on the floor and starts to slide back under the sink. Next thing I know I feel something gently touching my pussy. I look down and realize that it is his thumb. He is gently caressing my nub. His mouth comes up and suckles the clit ever so gently. I know that I should stop him on the grounds that I am married to another man, but, damn, it feels good and my husband refuses to do this with me. He thinks it is beneath him to pleasure his wife when he has his whore at his disposal. I figure what harm could there be to allow this man to kiss my pussy. I grab the pipe tighter as his tongue touches my clitoris with more intensity. I moan vocally with pure ecstasy as he licks me in a quicker pace. He looks me in the eyes and asks “Should I stop?” I struggle to get out the words, “No. I want more. I want you to touch every inch of me. I want you to fuck me as my husband never does” “Stay where you are, little wife,” he instructs me.

He scoots back out and I hear his tool belt hit the floor. I turn my head to see what he is doing. He is unzipping his pants and coming back towards me. I abruptly turn my head back around. “I am betraying my husband, and I really don’t give a fuck. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I think to myself. I turn back and our eyes meet. This is when he kisses me for the first time. His hands gently touch my face and his lips barely touch mine. As time progresses the kiss keeps getting deeper and deeper. Hell this man is lightly biting my lip. How could I have known that a simple phone call to a plumber could have offered such pleasure?

He positions me where I am on all fours and enters from behind me. I squeal with pleasure when he first slides his dick inside of me. As he is thrusting inside of me both of his hands are caressing my nipples through the sheer fabric. Never before have I known such carnal pleasure as I am experiencing now. Never before had my husband touched me with such passion. This man is thrusting slow and deep. I feel that I shall die of the intense passion that I am feeling.

When I feel that I cannot take anymore he stands and lifts me onto the sink as he drives his hard dick back inside of my swollen pussy. As he is thrusting in and out his hand touches my chin and lifts my face to look him in the eyes. His lips descend upon mine with such tenderness. I feel as I shall go mad if I don’t do or say something. I use my hands to run down his back until I reach the end of his shirt. I tug it over his head and begin to touch every inch of his chest. “Little wife, you are driving me to the point of madness,” he says.

He helps me down off of the sink. He grabs the end of the nightgown and rips it over my head. His head bends down and his mouth is on my nipples. With his tongue he draws circles. He cups my breast and starts to suck a bit deeper on them. I hear a moan and realize that it came from me.

He sits down at the table and removes his shoes and socks and stands back up. With a desperate sense of urgency I start to fumble to remove his pants to have him as naked as I am. Dammit this man is endowed. My husband is Tiny Tim compared to him. His dick is beautiful. It has to be at least 10 inches long and is about 3 inches thick. It has a slight curve to the right. His balls are freaking huge. Every inch of his male area is perfectly groomed and there is no hair in sight. However did a man this big fit inside of me and not rip me apart?

He sits back down in the chair while his pants are in a puddle on the floor. I don’t know where my sudden boldness came from but I found myself on my knees between his legs. With my right hand I barely touch the head of his shaft. He shudders with pleasure. This response brings out more boldness and I seek to pleasure him further. I lightly stroke his cock as I play with his balls with the other hand. I lean down and with the tip of my tongue I draw circles on the head of his penis. As I am doing so I notice that there is a spot around the head that looks a bit different than the rest. With my tongue I caress that spot. As I am caressing him I notice that both of his hands are gripped tightly onto the seat of the chair. I realize that he is really enjoying this. I decide that I am enjoying his pleasure. Gradually I take more and more of his cock into my mouth until I feel it reaching the back of my throat while I am massaging his balls with my hand. I stroke him as I continue to suck on him.

He grabs me by my underarms and pushes me up against the wall. He encourages me to lift my legs as he holds me up against the wall. He enters my pussy with such animal ferocity that I never knew a man could possess. I moan in pure delight. My nails are digging into the skin on his back as he pounds harder and deeper with each thrust. He is pinching my nipples, which surprises me of how great that feels. I am not aware of how much more I can tolerate before totally exploding.

He walks me over to the counter and gets on top of me. I giggle with forbidden pleasure. He is thrusting harder and deeper with each stroke. I arch my back and meet him thrust for thrust. His mouth is on my mouth. I feel that with each stroke and kiss that he is attempting to steal my soul. I reach behind my legs and squeeze his balls with just enough pressure to receive a passionate moan from him.

“I want to feel your mouth around my cock,” he says. He remains on the counter and sits up as I slide off.  I bend over and place his penis in my mouth. I use my tongue to glide up his shaft as I move up and down. I find myself growing bolder with every passing moment. I slide my mouth down the length of his dick until I reach his balls. “What shall I do with his balls?” I think to myself. I kiss them and gently suck on each one of them as I stroke his cock. With my tongue I glide back up to the head of his penis. With just the head in my mouth I stroke him at a moderately quick pace. I hear him moan and I know that I just did something right. “Little wife, you must stop or I’ll be exploding inside of your mouth,” he says to me.

He pushes me slightly from the counter as he jumps down beside me. With one hand on my back and the other behind my knees he lifts me up. He carries me to the barstool and sits me down. I place both hands behind me to steady myself and to keeps from falling off. He grabs my legs to where my feet are resting on his muscular shoulders. He drives his rigid cock into my wet pussy. With each thrust the sense of urgency increases for both of us. I feel an intense tightening sensation wash over me and feel a gush of fluid escape me. I notice that he is also shuddering and then goes completely stiff as he cums inside of me.

For a few moments we remain as we are which is fighting to control our breathing. As he starts to dress I run to my room and put on some clothes for the day. I put on a short pair of denim shorts and a little white t-shirt. I return to the kitchen and realize to my utter disappointment that he is fully clothed.

“I must be going now,” he says as he crushes his mouth passionately into mine and his arms pull my head to his chest. “You have pleased me greatly today. Should you need any of my services in the future, little wife, and I mean any services don’t hesitate to call me,” he says as he walks to the door and smiles back at me. He turns and just leaves without waiting for a response from me. After the van has pulled away I touch my swollen lips and ponder whether I have the nerve to call him for his sexual services again. I laugh the laugh of a woman well pleasured.

“Well what shall I do with the rest of the day?” I mutter out loud. I turn the water on to make a pot of coffee and discover he never finished fixing the leak. I throw my head back and laugh as I realize that I will have to call him back. This time I will be prepared to fuck him as improperly as I want to. Next time I will not hold back. Husband or no husband Sebastian is mine to play with.

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