Thursday, August 27, 2015

Caged Aggression ©

The word to describe today is “frustrating.” The final aspect that has been the icing on the cake was running really late for work. I was at work for a few hours when my boss called me into the office. “We seem to have an issue with your attendance,” he says. “I am sorry for being late. My cat had run out in the street and was hit by a car,” I inform him. “Well we could work out a way for you to keep your job,” he explains to me. At this point he grabs his crotch through his pants and begins to rub himself. I feel immediately nauseated and divert my gaze to the sleazy swimsuit calendar behind his head. “This is what we are going to do,” he explains. “I am going to pull my cock out and you are going to suck it.” For a moment I remain mute. What is the appropriate response to him? “Mr. Abernathy, you sir can fuck off,” I heard myself say.

I run out of the office and through the front door of the building. I continue to run even after I have hit the street. I notice that it is now dark outside and I continue to run. I quit running when I find myself at the end of an alley in which there is no exit except for the way I came. I notice there are tears running down my cheeks. I take a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. It is at this point that I realize that I do not know where I am. I look around at my surroundings and I get this eerie feeling that I am being watched. I stare some more looking for the source of my unease.

Suddenly a man appears out of the shadows and starts to approach. At this point I realize that flight is my best option and start to leave. I am surrounded by a group of men who appear like the type that will take no shit. The man who was standing in the shadows walks through the group of men and stands directly in front of me. He appears to be their leader. “I appear to be a bit lost,” I tell him in a shaking voice. “You are right where I want you to be,” he says with a deep menacing voice. “I just want to go home,” I respond. “You shall go home after I fuck you and allow my guys to watch,” he says with a taunting voice. “Please don’t do this,” I beg him. “You can either be willing or I will take you by force. The choice is yours. I prefer a woman that fights me. It makes my dick quite a bit harder,” was his response.

Flight is definitely my only option, but there are at least 10 other men standing around us. “Fortune favors the bold,” I think to myself. I immediately run towards the group of men in the direction of the exit, but they are a formidable wall that I cannot penetrate. The men push me back towards their leader. I begin to scream because I know my life depends upon it. The leader’s fist strikes out and connects with my jaw. I cease screaming as I feel blood enter my mouth.

He reaches down into his boot and pulls out a long knife. “He’s going to kill me,” are the only thoughts I have at this time. With the knife he begins to cut the clothing from my body. He continues cutting until I am standing completely naked in front of him.

“Chain her to the fence,” he barks to his men. As they are chaining me a scream erupts from within me and I force my eyes closed. The next thing I feel is a stinging pain on the bare flesh of my ass. I open my eyes and realize the man has removed his belt. With a vast amount of strength the belt keeps coming down on my bare back, legs, and ass. The tears are flowing freely down my face. “I will stop hitting you the moment you shut the fuck up,” he shouts at me. Immediately my screams cease. “That’s a good bitch,” he says to me as he throws the belt aside.

He turns me to face him. The next thing I know my tit is in his mouth and he is biting it. I feel blood running down my chest. I begin to feel that I have had enough and I wish he would just kill me. “Will you just fucking kill me already?” I hoarsely ask of him. His response was to shove his fingers into my pussy as he bites my other tit. ”Cunt, as much as you fight me you are dripping wet waiting to feel my cock inside of you,” he points out to me. He unzips his pants and pulls out a massive sized dick. Under other circumstances I would have been impressed.

He turns me away from him. I feel a searing pain as I feel his cock enter my asshole. All I can focus on is the pain as he continues to thrust inside of me. A small cry escapes me. He grabs a handful of hair as he continues to pound away. “Bitch, I told you to shut the fuck up,” he whispers harshly in my ear.

After what could have been minutes or even hours he stops. “Take her down,” he shouts to his men. After I am unchained, I try to stand but my legs will not cooperate. “Get her off of the ground and onto her knees. She’s going to suck my cock like a good little whore,” he says laughingly to the men. Two men hold me up as the leader pushes his cock in my direction. “You can do this willingly or I can force you to do it and you know now that I can do anything I want to you,” he calmly states. I open my mouth to protest and he pounces on the opportunity to shove his dick in my mouth.

His men continue to hold me as he forces himself in and out of my mouth. I feel myself gagging on several occasions as the head of his shaft hits the back of my throat. I feel his body shake from what I assume is pleasure. “Whore, I am not done with you yet,” he states rather hoarsely.

To his men he says, “Let go of her and turn her around.” He positions himself from behind and shoves his cock into my vagina. He begins to thrust in and out with such force. He pushes my head down into the asphalt. I feel the rough texture scrape my face. He grabs both of my arms and holds them behind me as he continues to pound from behind. Suddenly he flips me over and enters me from the front. He tells me, “Your pussy doesn’t lie. You are enjoying this.” His laughter rings out into the night. To my horror I realize that he is correct. It does feel so good to have a man take complete control of my body.

His hands reach down to my neck and he begins to choke me as he fucks me. I feel an intense amount of pressure and realize to my mortification that I am going to cum for my rapist. I am aware that he is on the verge of cumming himself. I feel myself peak and a gush of fluid escapes from me. He pulls out his dick and strokes until he ejaculates on my face. I am mortified by this act and my enjoyment of it. He stands up and puts his dick back into his pants. He walks out of the alley and his men follow him.

I’m not sure how I managed to do it but I found my way home. I cleaned myself up and was drinking a cup of hot tea. I have decided I want to see him again. I want to feel his pleasure again. I want to have him do to me more things than he did tonight. Never before have I known such pleasure as I felt tonight.

I begin to wonder if he could offer more pleasure than he offered tonight. I know for certain this man could pleasure me in ways I have never dreamed of. For weeks I have returned to the alley of my rape in hopes of seeing him again and begging him to fuck me as no other can.

Every night I am disappointed that he is not there. About 6 weeks after his attack, I am in our alley, as I like to call it, and I discover he is there. “You didn’t report me taking you by force?” he questions me. “No,” I replied. He only responds with “Why?” I stutter as I explain, “I want to feel your touch again.” “Is that all you want of me?” he asks. “No,” I say “I want to feel your dick in my pussy again” He caresses my cheek and lightly kisses my lips. “We shall see,” he says and then walks away. “What is your name?” I yell before he is completely gone. He turns and says, “You can call me Master.”

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